we are more than people.

the fact that some would deduce that this world and these people were formed without a creator sure baffles me. we have feelings. we have hearts. we have unique thoughts. we have families and forgiveness and love. and I don't know about you, but I cannot fathom those things being real and being here without someone who planned to have them be used. we are more than people, we are souls. and that is what I want to remember on this random night this Christmas season. <3

be merry and bright
also, hey ya'll. I'm back.



"lay right down beside me dear, the fog is gone, my head is clear"
Westward The Tide - This Heart I Know


dear boy:

i've had a crush on you since i was 15.
i bail on you a lot, but it's not because i don't like you.
it's because i DO.